What is ESM?

Daffodil in full flowerESM = Enterprise Service Management

Service Management explores how value is added:

  • how people in a team add value
  • how teams within a department add value
  • how departments within a company add value
  • how the supplier-company-customer chain adds value

The most difficult aspect of the Service Management Analyst sole is convincing people that an outsider can add value to a business in which they are an expert.

Here is an example of a success:

A niche market that could be exploited by a brick-and-click retailer was identified.  They were including information that they thought would be of only 'passing interest' to their intended target audience.  The recommendation was to emphasise that information.
Changes to their website and advertising were implemented, resulting in an immediate 40% increase in online sales, as what the client considered a less discerning audience discovered items that met their needs.

While modern Service Management theory has it's roots in information technology as ITSM, the skills are transferable to the whole enterprise. The supplier in the example above was a low-tech manual service of a type that had been around for more than two millenia.

The ESM.Solutions business model is based on:

  • Presentations and workshops
  • Documenting processes
  • Providing DIY check-sheets
  • Carrying out process reviews, including incident and problem reviews