Foundation Training

Workshop: How Not to Lose Customers.


Who is this for? Solo Entrepreneurs, Start-up Founders and Operations Managers at small companies.


What kind of business? any business reliant on subscriptions or repeat business.


Why attend? Understand what can go wrong plus identify the approaches to prevent or recover.  Gain insight into frameworks that help recognise and prevent bad practices.  There will be nuggets of knowledge to take away and implement.


How? a small-group two-hour workshop.


Where? ZW Coworking, Waterlooville, Hampshire.


When? Tuesday 5th November.


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Mentoring & Reviews

Sometimes you need an outsider to bring a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective.

60-Point Review

An independent assessment, over two days, of potential service weaknesses and an action plan.

One-on-one Mentoring

Two-hour directed mentoring sessions to guide you to carry out investigations and actions to improve and protect your business.

Master Classes

Two-hour combination of workshop and mentoring.

Follow-up Workshops

  1. Data Literacy: how to read graphs plus train staff to write information based reports.
  2. Planning for Resilient Changes: avoiding SNAFUs.
  3. Handling Customer Complaints, including ISO10002.
  4. Frameworks are Your Friend: SFIA, ITIL, SDI & Cynefin
  5. What's really important?

Next Steps...

For more information on how we can help you with improving Service Management by adopting the ITIL framework, please ...