Business Assessment Service


Our initial assessment is a free review of your answers to one of our questionnaires.

The business assessment service we provide looks at how departments within an organisation provide services to each other, to the organisation’s clients and are serviced by their suppliers.  The fundamental question being addressed is "do those relationships co-create value?"  This is intrinsically different from the traditional cost-centre / profit-centre approach to assessing a business.

The solutions we look for try to have a financial and non-financial benefits.

As an example, an IT process was moved from a team that was overloaded (and didn’t like the task), to another team that had capacity and an individual who positively enjoyed this new work.  The task was also carried out with enhanced quality control.  The productivity of the original team went up by 3%.  This was a win-win-win outcome: everybody was happy.  The benefit of our input was seeing the opportunity and being able to suggest safe-guards that made the risks involved with the change acceptable.

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