Covid-19 WFH

The post-Covid-19 "New Normal" will require a number of adjustments, particularly in mananging the Work From Home (WFH) culture currently being encouraged by some governments.

The situation is that managers at all levels are suddenly in a position of not having continuous eye-balls on their team.  They've had no training to handle this.  Like many politicians, they're likely to make serious mistakes.

The skills need a combination of explicit knowledge, adopting and adapting guidelines plus experience building up tacit knowledge.  A mentor with many years of relevant experience is an invaluable: you can climb this Mount Everest on your own of course, or you can hire a guide.

This guide is split into modules:

  • Managing Yourself in the New WFH Normal
  • Managing Your Manager (& their Peers)
  • Managing Weak Performers
  • Hiring a New Team Member
  • Enhancing the Value of the Team
  • Customer Complaints & Customer Retention
  • Better Decision Making

The guidance in these modules is aimed at somebody who is, or aspiring to be, a manager with at least one person as a direct report in a supervisory capacity, and their line manager will probably be of director level.

These skills stand on three main pillars: "Delegated or Demented", "Trust but Verify" and "Frameworks".  These were valid before March 2020 but are now in September 2020 more important.  Second Wave restrictions are being progressively implemented in England and elsewhere.  This is no longer a short-term inconvenience: even politicians are accepting the need to assume a six-month horizon.  The need for training during the First Wave could be put aside based on the hope that there would be no second wave.

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