Managing Your Manager (& Their Peers)

As a Manager yourself, you should be used to your line manager delegating work to you.  There may well be times when you need another team to do work for you, but they're reluctant to do so: you need to ask your manager to liaise with their peer to ask for your task to be prioritised.

The key questions here are "How much does your manager trust you?" plus "In what ways does your manager trust you?" and visa versa.  With trust you'll spend less time justifying yourself and your requests: you'll be more productive and less frustrated.

In this module you'll learn to identify how your manager wants to be communicated with, and in the New WFH Normal how to adapt. This will build on the skills developed in "Managing Yourself in the New WFH Normal" module.  The three-pillars focus in this module will be on "Delegated or Demented" and "Frameworks".