Managing Yourself in the New WFH Normal

As a Manager you're perhaps used to being in an office, clearly visible to your team, your peers and management.  If you're away from your desk it will be assumed it's for a reasonable break or you're doing something necessary related to work.

With working from home (WFH), that assumption seems not to apply.  To some extent this may be justified.  A grocery delivery, the 'can you just?' requests from a partner or a child wanting help with a school assignment are not easy to turn down.  Provided however that you deliver your contracted hours, expected results in a timely fashion and attend on-line meetings, why should anybody care?

The exactly wrong answer for you is to have your employer install spy-ware, with the camera checking you're there, a screen-shot verifying you're working on company business and perhaps even a key-stroke and mouse-movement logger tracking how much you're using your computer.  This is not fiction: I once had a job interview where it was made clear all this tracking would need to be installed on my work computer.  These tools cannot measure and confirm thinking.

We will explore the benefits and down-sides to working in an office. Of the 'three-pillars' approach this module focuses on "Trust but Verify" and "Frameworks".

This module is a required  before "Managing Your Manager (& Their Peers)".