How To Keep Customers @ Sherlock’s

How Not to Lose Customers @ Sherlock's Bar
How Not to Lose Customers @ Sherlock's Bar

Generally, people are by nature conservative and dislike change in their routine. For business people, finding a new supplier is a time-consuming exercise, just as finding a new customer is for any business.

Depending on the market a business is in, figures of about 8 are often used to describe the ratio of profitability of an existing customer to a new one.

Understand what can go wrong in customer relationships that push decision-makers to look elsewhere for the services you have been providing. Explained with examples from experience.

After a short introduction by each attendee, the presentation will be 'full-on' for nearly the full hour, with some time for Q&A afterwards.

Who is this for? This workshop is primarily for decision-makers in SMEs. Also suitable for Management KTP Associates.

What kind of business? any business reliant on subscriptions or repeat business.

Why attend? Understand what can go wrong in your back-office processes plus identify the approaches to prevent or recover.  Gain insight into frameworks that help recognise and prevent bad practices.  There will be nuggets of knowledge to take away and adopt.

Business benefits? Increase customer retention. Improve customer satisfaction. Create a competitive advantage within the business resulting in increased profitability. Here is what has been achieved elsewhere:

  • Repeated reduction of process times from several days to a half-day through automation, resulting in 75%~90% cost savings, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.
  • A performance metric improved from about 53% to consistently above 90%, by adopting automation recommendations. This brought the service comfortably within contractual requirements and consequently resulted in moving 10% of its customer base from 'At Risk' of non-renewal.

Where?  Sherlock's Bar, 17 Clarendon Rd, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2ED.

Interior of Sherlock's Bar, Southsea
Interior of Sherlock's Bar, Southsea

Attendees will be sat at distanced tables in accordance with the bar's Covid-19 review.
Due to licencing requirements during Covid-19, there is a strict limit of eight attendees in addition to the presenter and other staff.

When? 10AM - 11AM, Tuesday 6th October.
The event may be postponed, cancelled or the number of places restricted under the following circumstances:

  • illness within the presenter or venue staff households;
  • additional licence conditions set by Portsmouth City Council.
  • the venue being returned to "Stage Three" of the roadmap.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment: This coronavirus is a genuine and on-going risk to human health, with potentially lethal consequences.

The new legal requirements announced on 9 September, effective in England on 14 September, do not apply as this event is work-related training.

This assessment follows government guidance on performances [accessed on 21 August] for Stage Four.

The following moderate the risks in line with the guidance:

  • The event (performance) is being held at a venue that has been assessed for Covid-19 risk.
  • Attendees (the audience) are required to sanitise their hands on entry to the venue.
  • The event (performance) will be postponed if there is illness within the presenter (performer) or venue staff households.
  • The presenter (performer) will be wearing a covering over their nose and mouth while presenting.
  • Attendee (the audience's) two contact details shall be verified in advance. Registrants are required to agree that these contact details may be shared with NHS Contact Tracing.
  • Registration (the audience) is limited to eight attendees.

Price: The presentation is free to attend, but booking is required to control numbers in accordance with the risk assessment.
A payment of £10 to the venue on the day is to cover refreshments and cleansing.

Booking and Waiting List: On-line at until midday on Monday 5th October.
If you're interested in being informed of future dates, please write to