How Not To Lose Customers

Where are all the customers?
Where are all the customers?

Who is this for? This workshop is primarily for decision-makers in SMEs. Also suitable for Management KTP Associates.

What kind of business? any business reliant on subscriptions or repeat business.

Why attend? Understand what can go wrong in your back-office processes plus identify the approaches to prevent or recover.  Gain insight into frameworks that help recognise and prevent bad practices.  There will be nuggets of knowledge to take away and adopt.

Business benefits? Increase customer retention. Improve customer satisfaction. Create a competitive advantage within the business resulting in increased profitability. Here is what has been achieved elsewhere:

  • Repeated reduction of process times from several days to a half-day through automation, resulting in 75%~90% cost savings, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.
  • A performance metric improved from about 53% to consistently above 90%, by adopting automation recommendations. This brought the service comfortably within contractual requirements and consequently resulted in moving 10% of its customer base from 'At Risk' of non-renewal.

Where? Basepoint, Aerodrome Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 0FQ.  Just off the A32 Fareham-Gosport Road.  Car parking available on site.

When? Tuesday 17 December: 12:30 - 2:30.

Price: Free workshop.

Booking: Eventbrite