High-Stakes Decision Making

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Understand what can go wrong in decision making.  Identify the approaches to prevent mistakes.  Gain insight into frameworks that will help you recognise and avoid bad practices.

  • How easily our brains are fooled
  • No simple solutions
  • Consequences of bad decisions
  • Considering the alternatives
  • Involving too many people
  • Underestimating the challenges
  • Ignoring experts


Here is what has been achieved elsewhere:

  • A bricks-and-clicks retailer increased its online sales by 40% in one month by applying a recommended change to their website. The website was also recognised by the RNIB for its accessibility.
  • Eliminated a process bottleneck in one team and enhanced the quality control, creating an overall productivity increase of 3% for a critical resource, by transferring the task to the 'downstream' team. There were both tangible & intangible benefits: overall cost savings plus increased job satisfaction for both teams.
  • Reduced the software release quality control rejection rate for a SaaS company from 60% to zero by implementing best practices. The twin benefits were the avoidance of re-work costs and new code was delivered on time.
  • Repeated reduction of process times from several days to a half-day through automation, resulting in 75%~90% cost savings, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.
  • A performance metric improved from about 53% to consistently above 90%, by adopting automation recommendations. This brought the service comfortably within contractual requirements and consequently resulted in moving 10% of its customer base from 'At Risk' of non-renewal.
  • Solved a long-standing and recurring problem by recognising that the underlying cause was two issues masquerading as one problem. Both issues were then quickly resolved.

For senior decision-makers and report writers in companies of about fifty people.  Also suitable for Management KTP Associates.

Robert is one of the most efficient problem solvers I have come across in my career. He is sharp, creative, and always in tune with the latest technical developments. Working with Robert is always a pleasure because he is consistent and reliable, and I know I’ll get solid results every time.

Marvin Powell

Date: TBA.

Hosted at ZW Coworking, Waterlooville, Hampshire. Directions and car parking pdf.

Price: free workshop.