Service Desk Reporting

Service Management is the dark art of creating and conserving business value.

support ticket screenshotMany businesses regard their Service Desk as a cost centre: a necessary evil. The truth is that the Service Desk can be a valuable source of customer goodwill. A dysfunctional Service Desk, on the other hand, can quickly destroy goodwill.

Delegating to someone with no experience, no training, nor oversight is the surest way to make a Service Desk fail.

We can perform a discrete health check on Service Desk performance and provide you with an executive report with graphs in the form of a slide deck. Day-to-day supervision, weekly management oversight and quarterly accountability reports to C-Suite executives are fundamentally different reports, but they all rest on a solid foundation of indisputable data.

We can provide training and conduct routine reviews if necessary. Alternatively, we can licence our service desk analysis plugin, which runs in MS-Excel, for in-house use by SME organisations.

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You could discover an unsung hero or a disaster in the making.

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