Service Desk Analysis

Service Management is the dark art of creating and conserving business value.

support ticket screenshotMany businesses regard their Service Desk as a cost centre: a necessary evil. The truth is that the Service Desk can be a valuable source of customer goodwill. A dysfunctional Service Desk, on the other hand, can quickly destroy goodwill. To today's digitally-native customers, customer experience (CX) is more important than pricing as the key brand differentiator across most industries. Yet a report (October 2022) claims UK Retailers are ignoring 42% of customer enquiries.

Delegating to someone with no experience, no training, nor oversight is the surest way to make a Service Desk fail.

Case Study
In a company culture of "do your job and only answer questions I ask", the service desk agents were aware that the number of new tickets had jumped by a factor of 4: not just for one month, but consistently for several months. With other metrics deteriorating in lockstep at the same time, in ignorance, the supervisor expected the agents "just need to pick up their pace". On an adverse downward trend, a key performance indicator (KPI) fell from a long term average of 80%~90% down to 50%.

Most Service Desk platforms provide only basic charts, with no interpretation. Tacit skills are needed in order to provide a commentary on the charts. This is not "any fool can do this" territory.

We perform discrete health checks on Service Desk performance and provide an executive report, with charts and their interpretation.

Once you are delighted with the sample report, setting up weekly supervisors oversight report and/or periodic accountability reports to C-Suite executives is the next step. These are fundamentally different reports, but they all rest on a solid foundation of indisputable data.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about what we do in a brief exploratory meeting.

You could discover an unsung hero or a disaster in the making.

Beta Tester Offer
For a Service Desk platform that we do not have experience of, the following benefits are offered:

  • No charge for configuration and set-up of basic service
  • "Get up to speed" daily reports
  • The service desk analysis plugin will be available fee-free for the duration of the contract
  • Provide two hours of training, so that interim charts can be created by in-house staff

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