Service Measurement

Some definitions:
Key Performance Indicator.
Critical Success Factor.
You want your managers to realise that just because something can be measured, does not mean it should be measured: it needs to be useful.
Example chart with word Better plus arrowYou want information for reports for your peers to be "summarised up". A rule of thumb is that they want less than 4% of the underlying information: charts and graphs are a good way to achieve this. You know that their time is at a premium: they need "in your face" clarity: don't make executives guess what the information means, and which direction on a graph is good or better. Have an arrow put on the chart with the word "Better", no matter how obvious your managers think that is.
Another tip for your junior managers is to have what they think are KPIs recorded and use those for a minority report just to their own team. That affirms to their team that they've got their finger on the pulse, and they can also see any trends in the wrong direction. You've hired bright people who're probably living the reality more than you are, so they don't need the meaning spelling out to them.
Be clear in your own mind what are three CSFs you can accept accountability for, and be ruthless about ensuring that when it comes your own annual review these are all good news.
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