ESM.Solutions services fall into two broad categories: mentoring and reviews.




Mentoring may take the form of workshops, one-on-one mentoring or a combination of the two.

One-on-one Mentoring

Regular two-hour directed mentoring sessions to guide you to carry out investigations and actions to improve and protect your business.

Master Classes

Regular two-hour combination of workshop and mentoring.


  1. How Not To Lose Customers
  2. Good Business Decision Making
  3. Planning for Resilient Changes: avoiding SNAFUs
  4. Handling Customer Complaints, including ISO10002
  5. Frameworks are Your Friend: SFIA, ITIL, SDI & Cynefin
  6. What is really important to your business?

Reviews may be focused on a single incident, one process, or a group of processes impacting a single desired outcome.

60-Point Review

An independent assessment, over two days, of potential weaknesses impacting customer renewal, plus an action plan.


Targeted Reviews