Better Decision Making at Sherlock's Bar
Better Decision Making @ Sherlock's Bar

The new legal requirements announced on 9 September, effective in England on 14 September, do not apply as these events are work-related training.

Presentations hosted by ESM.Solutions are for one hour.  After short introductions, most of the hour is full-on presentation, with some time for Q&A at the end.  Charges are to cover the cost of the venue:


Workshops hosted by ESM.Solutions are for 3½ hours.  These are interactive sessions, with a short comfort break midway through. Charges are higher than pre-covid to cover the additional costs of the venue with reduced capacity:


Booking for a presentation at Sherlock's Bar is via EventBright.  For workshops and other presentations:

  1. Send an email indicating your interests and preferred locations
  2. When the minimum level has been reached, you'll be advised of any revisions and invited to confirm
  3. When the minimum number have confirmed, you'll be invited to make full payment within three days
  4. Provided the minimum number make their payment, the booking is firm and and non-refundable.  Otherwise your payment will be promptly refunded in full.


Other venues or as part of a larger event, by negotiation.  Please send an email indicating your proposal.