Why Do Documentation? @ Sherlock’s

Why Do Documentation @ Sherlock's Bar
Why Do Documentation @ Sherlock’s Bar

As Production Manager in a factory and later an Operations & Support Manager for a software company, I had to delegate. I had teams of people working for me and needed to remain accountable for processes and, in the factory, health and safety. Process and configuration documentation has been second nature to me for decades.

Reasons given for not doing business documentation:

  1. I know what I’m doing / People in this role know what to do
  2. We do this all the time, so it’s not worth documenting
  3. We do this very infrequently, so it’s not worth documenting
  4. I can choose to cut corners and do the job quicker
  5. I don’t have time today
  6. It’s too complex to document
  7. It’s too risky to let anybody else do this
  8. We don’t need that bureaucracy!

In my mind, these all translate as “Keys of the Kingdom” excuses, meaning “If other people know how to do this, then my opportunities for being a hero are reduced … or my chances of being replaced are increased.”

After a short introduction by each attendee, the presentation will be ‘full-on’ for nearly the full hour, with some time for Q&A afterwards.

In a series of polls, the first being How many “Keys of the Kingdom” people can you identify from your work life? (Closed Sunday 6 September), I wanted to determine how big a problem this is in companies. I am appalled that the situation is worse than I thought, with ⅔ having at least two encounters. I had expected an age-related response: the longer at work the more experiences. Sadly, there are people from my children’s generation with more to report than myself. I had wondered if there would be a gender difference, with misogyny being a driving factor: this small poll does not support that proposition.
The second poll asks What is their favourite reason for not writing down what they know, so preventing other people from benefiting? (Closes Sunday 13 September), I am trying to determine what reasons they give, in order to prepare rebuttals.

What kind of business is this for?
Any business: from solopreneur upwards.
Who is it for?
For solo entrepreneurs and managers in any size business.
Why attend?
Understand the different types of documentation. Gain insight into frameworks which help create better documentation.
Business benefits
  • Avoid repeating mistakes and consequently spending time fixing them
  • De-skill tasks and reduce training time
  • Standardise processes within the team and from time to time
  • Avoid “Keys of the Kingdom” risks
Sherlock’s Bar, 17 Clarendon Rd, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2ED.

Interior of Sherlock's Bar, Southsea
Interior of Sherlock’s Bar, Southsea

Attendees will be sat at distanced tables in accordance with the bar’s Covid-19 review.
Due to licencing requirements during Covid-19, there is a strict limit of eight attendees in addition to the presenter and other staff.
Tuesday 22nd September.
The event may be postponed, cancelled or the number of places restricted under the following circumstances:
  • illness within the presenter or venue staff households;
  • additional licence conditions set by Portsmouth City Council.
  • the venue being returned to “Stage Three” of the roadmap.
10AM – 11AM.
Covid-19 Risk Assessment
This coronavirus is a genuine and on-going risk to human health, with potentially lethal consequences.

The new legal requirements announced on 9 September, effective in England on 14 September, do not apply as this event is work-related training.

This assessment follows government guidance on performances [accessed on 21 August] for Stage Four.

The following moderate the risks in line with the guidance:
  • The event (performance) is being held at a venue that has been assessed for Covid-19 risk.
  • Attendees (the audience) are required to sanitise their hands on entry to the venue.
  • The event (performance) will be postponed if there is illness within the presenter (performer) or venue staff households.
  • The presenter (performer) will be wearing a covering over their nose and mouth while presenting.
  • Attendee (the audience’s) two contact details shall be verified in advance. Registrants are required to agree that these contact details may be shared with NHS Contact Tracing.
  • Registration (the audience) is limited to eight attendees.
The presentation is free to attend, but booking is required to control numbers in accordance with the risk assessment.
A payment of £10 to the venue on the day is to cover refreshments and cleansing.
Booking and Waiting List
On-line at www.eventbrite.co.uk until midday on Monday 21st September.
If you’re interested in being informed of future dates, for other presentationa or workshops, please write to enquiries@esm.solutions.
Next Steps
  • Half-day workshop
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Consultancy