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Our business model: payment by results.
The monetary value to your company is determined ahead of time, goals are established, and payment for results is agreed.
Example: One-Off Project:
For six months, the client had been struggling to raise a Critical Success Factor (CSF) over a certain level. The client valued success as having a £60,000 annual recurring revenue (ARR). To prove that one month was not a fluke, they needed three consecutive months at or above target.
We settled on a 15% charge (£9,000) payable in three equal monthly instalments. The goal was met in the first month, and it was maintained for more than three years.
Example: Sales Increase:
We approached a supplier where, as a client, there was to us obvious potential for higher revenue with little effort. The proposal was to agree on a predicted 'no action' forward trend, assume a 20% profit margin, and invoice at 15% of the additional net profit. This would result in our invoice of 3% of their gross additional turnover.

Robert Howe photo
Robert Howe: I'm not old, I'm seasoned.
I have been a research chemist, secondary school teacher, bank officer, Works Chemist in a factory, software developer and managed a virtual team scattered around the globe. I have been a life-long learner: in 2019 I completed a series of courses leading to an internationally recognised Service Management qualification.
Failure has been a constant companion too: it means I have striven for 'stretch goals' rather than been complacent. It's also made me more resilient to knocks that inevitably came along. I was in the school Cross Country team, but never in the first six over the line. I got a lower second bachelor's degree, but still got postgraduate funding. I have three adult children I am proud of, all with better grade first degrees than mine, but I can still tease them that my Master's degree out-trumps theirs.
I have also had the last laugh at the teacher who told my parents "Robert is too slow to pass a stationary bus."
I think I've done okay.

B.Sc. and M.Phil. degrees in chemistry from the University of Sussex, England.

Qualified Teacher status in England.

Charted Chemist: 1990-1999.

Qualified ITIL® Expert V3 in IT Service Management (ITSM).

ITIL Expert is a high-level certification in the ITIL framework. It requires a candidate to have the ITIL Foundation qualification plus additional intermediate-level modules before taking the expert level exam. This tests both a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the ITIL framework.

The Service Desk Institute: past Professional Member.

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