Project Management Success

Project Management is about
ensuring a one-off, multi-stage transition happens,
happens on schedule,
and happens within budget.
Step one in Project Management is to define the desired outcome … defined in detail. Only then consider
To quote Patty Azzarello: "I see leaders setting themselves up for failure and credibility loss when they don't differentiate the cost of doing a GREAT job from the cost of doing an OK job."
Is the project intended to deliver a bicycle or an F1 racing car? Which is the budget for?
One source of failure is not treating a project as "chartered": as something that must happen.
An example of success: Gantt chart

A software company had many manual steps in deploying code from their development servers to the customer deployments. At the start of the project:

At the end of a multi-year project:

When one of these new auto-QC tools was initially used on older deployments, thousands of defects were identified. The team then worked on rectifying the errors as a priority task.

Project Benefits:

Upgrades had been taking two days, with the deployment offline. With the implementaion of automation, the process had been reduced to a maximum of half a day, with no disruption to customer service. As a result, operations staff had been able to take on the role of process minders, freeing them to carry out other tasks.

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