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If you are looking to set up a new Service Desk, be it an upgrade from a simple mail-box or to change an existing platform, your two go-to resources are the SDI (Service Desk Institute) Demo Days at various locations, plus SITS-25 (Service Desk and IT Support, 2025) at the Excel, London in May 2025.

ESM.Solutions is offering the following SITS-25 package:

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Example of Bad Choice:
Setting up a replacement Service Desk took three months. Then towards the end of the first year, an attempted full-fidelity backup failed since the only data available from the platform was meta-data. A hasty decision was made to return the Service Desk to the prior platform. There was no resistance from front-line team because they had not been consulted on the previous change plus both original decision makers were no longer employed by the organisation.

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