Enterprise Service Management

daffodil flower in full bloom Service Management explores how value is added and retained:
The hardest part of being a Service Management Analyst is convincing people that an outsider can add value to a business that they are not expert in, and perhaps have no experience of. On the contrary, ignorance can be a vital aspect, especially when it allows asking "daft" questions that challenge assumptions.


A niche market that could be exploited by a brick-and-click retailer was identified. They were including information that they thought would be of only "passing interest" to the demographic that they had in mind as their primary audience. It was suggested that more emphasis be placed on that information.
After making some adjustments to their website and advertising, there was an immediate 40% increase in online sales. What the client considered as a less discerning audience became a new niche market, discovering products that met their requirements.

Our business model is based on:

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