Business Assessment Service

SWOT analysis grid

Startups, initially fixated on their unique business opportunity, must recognize the evolving landscape where they pose a threat to competitors, and vice versa. As they shift from a startup phase to a more routine business-as-usual (BAU) mode, it is crucial to refocus on new opportunities while leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses. This pivot is essential as incumbents often overlook fresh opportunities ripe for competitors' advantage.

To facilitate this strategic shift, we offer business assessment services, including complimentary reviews based on our specialized questionnaires. Our approach evaluates interdepartmental dynamics within an organization, assessing how departments serve each other, their customers, and interact with vendors. The central inquiry is whether these interactions co-create value, a perspective differing significantly from traditional cost-centre/profit-centre analyses.

Our solutions aim for both financial and non-financial gains. For example, we successfully redistributed an IT process within an organization, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction, leading to a 3% increase in overall team productivity. This win-win-win scenario exemplifies our service's value: identifying opportunities and implementing risk-mitigated changes.

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